SD Alam Pacitan Inaugurated as Best School of The Year 2018

At the beginning of the school year 2018/2019, SD Alam Pacitan inaugurated as Best School Award of the Year 2018. The award was directly received by headmaster Mr.Bangun Naruttama at Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel Jakarta on Friday July 20, 2018 in the event of Anugerah Karya Pedidikan Indonesia 2018. The award aims as a medium of information to improve the confidence of the Indonesian people to educators and organizers education in Indonesia. The awards can be a momentum for the Indonesian education to improve itself, one with more to improve the quality of education.

The Award was given by Indonesia Achievement Center with Tre Uno Event Management. SD Alam Pacitan as an elementary school educational institution is the first institution to receive this award in Pacitan Regency, East Java, Indonesia. SD Alam Pacitan received the “BEST SCHOOL AWARD 2018”. This award was given by issuing on various criteria of quality, performance, responsibility, transparency and attractiveness. The measurement attribute such as the implementation of innovative and quality education activities, good management of educational institution, ability to develop and provide high social responsibility.

This award is dedicated to the institution who excel in the field of education with the aim of realizing a religious, united, democratic, prosperous, progressive, independent and good and clean Indonesian society in the provision of education as a positive effort to educate the life Indonesian people.

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