Local Wisdom-based Activity

Building Architecture


Joglo is a traditional Javanese house which consists of 4 main pillars. The traditional Javanese house is divided into two parts, namely the main house and an additional house. The mainhouse consists of the following sections: pendapa, pringitan, emperan, omah njero, senthong-kiwa, senthong tengah, gandhok.Some buildings in Sekolah Alam Pacitan are made with this Javanese traditional house model. This is intended as an effort to maintain the value of Javanese architectural culture which is increasingly fading. So that children can know and appreciate the typical joglo house.

Joglo commonly made of teak wood. Joglo roof is tajug-shaped (limasan), a kind of pyramid roof that refers to the shape of a mountain. Joglo houses in Sekolah Alam Pacitan is used to store gamelan instruments and are used for learning activities.



Cangkruk is a place to sit back, discuss and study. It is a kind of a place good to relax. Usually located in village for gathering with family. There are many trees around it, so the atmosphere in the cangkruk is cool and comfortable.

Cangkruk usually located in front of the house as a place to chat or gather with family. Sekolah Alam Pacitan has several cangkruk which are always used by children for various kinds of learning and playing activities.